A Look at the CD Badges No One Has Ever Earned

I was bored and was checking through the CD Badges and I came across a few that have, interestingly enough, never been earned by a member on this site ever. And here they are:

And then also this one, Admired, which only one person has ever earned.

Most people probably won’t care about this, but I found it to be interesting and wanted to share it. Perhaps if someone replies to this, I will reply to them by email and become the first person to do that! :grinning:


Well I know I admire @Akash_Rastogi so the badges must mean something!


Not sure we have e-mail replies enabled, so that first one may be tough to get :wink:


Aw man!

Additionally how would we track invites? I don’t recall that being a feature.

Which coincidentally appears in this song as a reference:



These 20 people figured it out :wink:

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So if I were to post a link and I were to click on it 1000 times if I had nothing better to do, I could get the nice share badge…

Here goes nothing


Uh mods? I have clicked on that link at least 30 times, and it’s still showing up as 4 times. Is there a setting on CD preventing me from doing that?

It might only count the number of unique users who’ve clicked it?

It only counts individuals (i think)

Edit: on the android mobile app, all you have to do is close the app and go back in and click the link. I clicked it at 7 and it got up to 8. Closed app, clicked again, now its 9.

Edit 2: the 9 disappeared. I think it is based on user.

Why didn’t you make the link this


Wait a sec, I think the link one means if people outside of CD click a link that goes to a CD post or something 1000 times, like A Look at the CD Badges No One Has Ever Earned

“This badge is granted for sharing a link that was clicked by 1000 outside visitors. Wow! You’ve promoted an interesting discussion to a huge new audience, and helped us grow our community in a big way!”


Admired. 300 posts?..I don’t think that I’ve read 300 posts.

Yeah, share links track your username:


I think I have a badge for 5 or 10 clicks on a shared link.

you’ve read 17,600 posts.


But… CD’s criteria for reading a post is significantly less strict than a human’s.


Okay time to attempt to be the first to get the 1000 link badge

Click here

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I do not know, I kniw sone humans who claim to have “read” many pieces they have just openned, or not.

I have a thought. We should all click the OP’s Great Share link. How cool would it be if the first Great Share badge were earned with a Great Share Link.

@Akash_Rastogi did earn the Admired badge, and I am certain he earned it. I have learned a lot about robotics by following his links (a shout out to all of team 177, the whole team has helped us a lot).


I think that attempt has been made already…