A Look at the CD Badges No One Has Ever Earned

Because I didn’t think of it…



(Horribly worded at 12am)
I understand that this is a joke but i want to think that old CD had the setting that optionally sent email updates on threads. It got a bit spammy so i turned it off completely. I think i recall the email including the reply function.

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The old fourms definitely didn’t have a reply feature, but you could get notifications about replies, etc.

Discourse has this feature, I haven’t enabled it. If there’s enough people who would like it, I can look into enabling it.



If you could turn it on for a second just so I can get the badge and then turn it off so only I could keep the badge, that would be awesome!!

In all seriousness though, I would never actually use this feature since I think the Discourse UI would be must easier than replying from an email.


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