A Major FIRST!!!

How cool would it be too be the first winner of the first FIRST competition outside the states?? The Canadian regional will definately attract attention this year and I hope for the best. How many USA teams out there are planning on going there? Some past and current members of our team have talked about going there just to get this honor! It’s probably just a dream for our team since we are from CT, USA; but still to be the first international winner in FIRST would be so awesome!!!

Whoever they are will be remembered forever!

I agree with you completely that winning the first International Regional would be a ‘momentous’ occasion. However, don’t rule us Canadians out of a Canadian victory just yet. :slight_smile: Afterall there will (hopefully) be between 10 and 20 Canadian teams in FIRST this year up from last year’s 3.


Our team is from Central NY… we can’t wait to go to Canada (will actually be my first time in Canada) and participate in the event. That’s great news about more Canadian teams… You know FIRST is getting big when there are multiple national anthems played at regionals :slight_smile: