A minor problem with our router

we are rookie team. we have the Dap-1522 and for some reason, we follow each step, like we turned it on on to the AP 2.4ghz Which instructions specifically said that we can either turn it on bridge or Ap (access point)
then we waited for power button to turn from red to blue
and the ap to come on. then we clicked the WAP (to initiate a secured connection) (Refresh Button)
and it started flashing we waited for about 2 minutes for the buttons to stop flashing
then we plugged it in our frc laptop
we went to our local host
no password
we launched the set up on Wap until we couldnt figure out when the setup requested us to press a “button” on our wireless device was
It would be nice if someone here could figure this out.
Thank you
And can you tell us how can we tell our connection succeeded?

Do you have the instructions for setting things up? You’re apparently doing things that aren’t called for. Start here:


You’ll need the 2013 FRC Bridge Configuration Utility, and you’ll need to follow the Programming your radio for home use directions.