A MN off-season event.


2264 and 1816 are planning on co-hosting an offseason event on July 22nd. We still have a lot of work to do.

Currently, we are just planning on using whiteboards for scoring.

We are thinking of a minimum of 6 teams and a maximum of 10-20 teams depending on our venue.

The rules for inspection would just be the honor system and a 5 pound grace.

Neither of our teams has done this before so ANY tips on running an event would be welcome.

Are there any volunteers in the area that would be interested in refereeing?

Currently we have two contacts who might be interested but an experienced ref. would be very welcome.

thank you, Vivek

I think that you guys should plan it out a lot more and have an awesome event for next year instead of this year… IMO

A reason for this is that 6 teams attending, you may not be able to pay off for the field and still make a profit. I would advise that you attend other off season events and try to learn how they are operated, this would also be a good way to find out if others want to volunteer.

We were hoping to use another team’s field and not make much profit. We would take breaking even.

There really are no events in the MN area and we thought that with all the new rookie teams it would be a great way to keep them interested.

I think we could get it done. Another team in the area was planning on having a competition but backed out a few months ago.

thanks, Vivek

p.s. Could you please PM me about organization if you have planned an offseason event before? It would be greatly appreciated.

Check out this great paper by Chris Fultz. It has been our bible for planning our fall event.

How to IRI

Thanks for the link!

I was thinking that there probably was a white paper somewhere but hadn’t gotten around to looking.

That paper is very thorough

thanks, Vivek

I guess it would be good for the experience. You could probably start your own larger off season later on. It would be pretty awesome.

either way, good luck:)


Turns out a local team has a full field they would be willing to let us borrow and might let us use their carpeted cafeteria also.


Where would you suggest we search for a venue in a hurry?

We haven’t gotten a reply from that local team but it would be good to have a back up. Setup would presumably take a while so we would need access to the venue for the night before as well as the day of. Our school’s gym is going to be booked in the mornings until noon the week that we would like to hold our competition.

thanks, Vivek

Auxiliary gym? Large cafeteria? Any sort of community rec. center in your area? Can’t really think of much right now other than that…sorry. =/