A Modest Proposal Regarding Posting Etiquette

The polite, helpful tone in the ChiefDelphi FIRST forum is one of its main strengths. It remains a shining example that not all Web forums must degenerate into flame wars, trolling, porn, and advertising. It is truly refreshing. I would like to suggest an addition to the group posting standards.

Excessively long signature blocks make reading the forum much more difficult. I sometimes feel like I spend more time scrolling past huge sigs (nearly all of which I’ve seen before) than I do reading. This is especially painful when someone posts a one-line response that then includes a huge sig block. Here is a sample of a post with five percent signal and ninety-five percent noise:

<sample post>

You could just use the Skyway wheels from the KOP.

Bobby Smith

Rookie in 2002

Team Fierce Wombats!!3!

I want to work with dolphins after I graduate from college:


Use Linux!

Stacie and Bobby 4EvuR!

Give me a hug at the Phoenix regional!*

</sample post>

How about a little forum rule limiting signature blocks to five or six lines of text, or graphics images no more than 150 pixels high?

My page-down finger gets sore reading this forum.

The signatures are already limited to 200 pix in height, and you can also turn off signatures all together in your User control panel under the options section.

There is already a rule limiting signatures to 200 pixels. See this thread: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=30697&highlight=signature

If you feel that someone is breaking this rule, tell a moderator.

EDIT: I just realized my signature was breaking the rule, albeit not as bad as others :yikes:.

We should all eat our babies!! (if you don’t get this allusion, don’t worry about it)

An order of events that I would prefer:
Send them a PM, referring them to the rules.
If the signature doesn’t change in 48 hours, then send me a PM with a link to their profile and I will take care of it.