A networking idea for FIRST teams through GMAIL

OK, my major e-mail address is now my gmail address. Now I was sitting back and thinking: “Man, this gmail thing is sweet, 2gbs of storage, any @gmail.com that you want …” (and he did speak at nationals :smiley: )

And then it hit me!

Have you ever been sitting back and said: “Man I want to get in touch with team xxxx, but I just don’t know what e-mail to use, which person I need to talk to, and their website is down or doesn’t have a contact list!”

Well I have a solution!

Say you want to get in contact with the FIRST team 447 (my team, lol)

[email protected]

every team, simply takes 5 minutes and makes a (team number)(period)[email protected]

and it goes on for FLL and VEX too [email protected] [email protected]

team leaders can use the AMAZING gmail notifier


(I had already made 447.FIRST, thats why i said that and not 447.FRC)

IF ANYONE WANTS AN INVITE, SO THEY CAN MAKE THEIR TEAM A GMAIL ACCOUNT, just post here (to move this up, so more people can see it) and send me an e-mail at [email protected]

That’s a really cool idea!

And you easily have it forward to the leader’s email address too

Team 1351

ps- i <3 google and gmail rocks! [email protected] & any other ones i feel like making with my 90 invites. need one?

[edit] THAT WAS MY 100TH POST!!! [/edit]

yeah I guess I’ll help with the invite thing

[email protected]

by the way

already got

[email protected]


[email protected]

for my team :smiley:

  • While making the account for my vex team I noticed the user name
    (i.e. [email protected]) cant be less than 6 characters long (they might not count the period (.) )

So I made it
[email protected]

and I think (for simplicity) all VEX or FLL teams that have less than 3 digits should follow the same format, so anyone can remember how to contact you :wink: *

Good idea!!! :slight_smile:

My god. . . … RUFUS!! This brilliant!!. . . I’ve had GMail for about. . . . . 3 days and I refuse to use anything else!!

I’ll help out with the GMail invites, as well. Each account only has 50 invites, so if you or your team would like an invitation to create a GMail account, e-mail me at: [email protected]

Great idea, Rufus! :smiley:

great idea Rufus.

Excellent Idea. Gmail is a great tool.

We also use a gmail account for a workspace for the mentors on our team. We have discussions by reading and replying to the threaded emails. We save and share documents this way also. Good Stuff :cool:

Interesting idea.

If you happen to be the team leader, but already have Gmail, don’t forget you can have emails forwarded!

See my sig if you need an invite.

Welcome to the party

yay 1403.first is created (PM if you want to use it)! this is an easy way to get a contact email for all the teams. Yay!

Sounds like a good idea. We already have a gmail account for our team though, so you may want to mark down on the list that we are [email protected]

I think that this network is a great idea!

Team 1027 has joined in on the action,

[email protected]

Team 45 is in.

[email protected]

The nice thing about everyone having the same format is there doesn’t need to be a list. If I want to contact team 383, I automatically know its [email protected].

Having a different e-mail address (even if it’s still gmail) defeats the purpose.

Like Rufus said, if you want to use a seperate e-mail address, set up [email protected] and set it to forward to whatever address you want.

Great idea!

Mitty Robotics has just joined the network at [email protected]

This really was a great idea, rufu5. Thanks for thinking of it!


Excellent idea, [email protected] is now up and running!

[email protected] is on board. :slight_smile:

Team 836 is now online, [email protected]

Thats a great Idea! ill have Lisa make one ffor our team