a new award: best crate

for best crate…i mean, my team has a modest crate which can be used to hold a tool chest, a work table, and a small crate that can be locked. but for best design, i have to say that team 190 has a great crate, and i think they should be recognized for iy

This year, team 360 wanted to make a functional crate. This is what we created:
I will post more pictures later, if people are interested.

picture please.

That’s the only crate I’ve seen so far with lights in it. :smiley:

Have you seen Wildstang’s crate for this year?


'Tis truly a thing of beauty. They win my vote, hands down…and this is coming from a guy who hasn’t and may not ever see it in real life. :slight_smile:

449 ended up with this really shiny black paint, you can see your reflection in our crate! Here are pics:


And there are a few pics of it in my general robot pic page:


i like 449s design, but wildstang looks too new, and yes its pretty but lacks in the robustness i was looking for.

i dont have any pics of my teams crate, or 190s, hopefully someone from 190 can send it in, and i will try and get something in from the pits next time we compete…

They made all the difference this year. The lighting at the PNW wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t great. They not only illuminated our pit, but the two teams next to us, each benefited also. They asked that we leave the lights on when we were competing!

We also got a nice tan under the lights as well :smiley:

We modeled ours after the Gila Monsters.

Hey, thanks for the words on the crate. We always have a great effort put into it every year. Ironically, 839 also gave us an award for the “Best Painted Robot Crate.” It was pretty awesome to get that.

Anyway, people were asking for pictures, so here we go:

we had an all dimond plate create in 2k1… needless to say before we put anything in it, it weighed 500lbs after we loaded it, 1000lbs… lets just say its sitting in a corner not being used anymore

so uh… 190 has Trogdor on their crate. They win, hands down.

I wish I had pictures of ours. We finished painting it last year MINUTES before FedEx showed up. One of the kids on the team has a parent who is a professional at ‘packaging solutions’ and we had the crate specially made for us… very cool. It comes together and apart with carriage bolts and wingnuts, which makes it easy.

But, like I said… hands down. Trogdor.

We have given out an award for “Best Crate” in previous years. If we still give out this award, I will have to tell our judge to visit the teams on this thread at Nationals. WPI’s crate is my fav.

MOE’s Crate has the Traditional MOE Stix green and black diagonal stripe pattern. I’ll post a pic if I find one. We get team member to sign the inside of our crate every year (we have used it since 2002). Our old crate was converted to a robot cart for our rookie team 1495. It looks kinda funny with a huge MOE logo on the bottom of it.

I don’t know if the award is just for the robot crate or if the tool crate counts as well but here is our effort from this year. Our old tool crate was destroyed by Fed Ex comming back from Houston so we had to make a new one. I once again turned the whole site red but I think it was worth it. All it needs is the top design painted and to get caoted with poly and it’s good to go to Atlanta.


I may be a bit biased, but I’d vote for our team’s crate (294). Bree has done an incredible job w/ all the paintwork of the crate inside and out. Go to http://www.bcrobotics.org for pictures.