A new Eagle Scout

Hi all,

I wanted to announce that one of our newest alumni, Brendon Doran, has joined the ranks of Eagle Scout. He is an amazing young man with an amazing future ahead of him. Quick story about Brendon… He needed to get a 32 on the ACT in order to get a scholarship to his chosen school. He took the test seven times, scoring a 31 five times in a row. On his eighth time he scored the 32. Persistence and focus on vision can bring people so many places. Congrats Brendon!!

As a fellow Eagle Scout myself, I would like to wish Brendan congratulations!

It takes a lot of determination and effort to finish up the process but once you do, it’s oh so worth it. To tie together FIRST and the Boy Scouts, I would encourage inviting the mentors from his team to his Court of Honor. I invited mine to my ceremony, and they absolutely loved it.


Not to be a wet blanket or anything, but there is already a thread on Chief Delphi that honors all Eagle Scouts who have also participated in FIRST.

As a Life scout on his road to Eagle, I would love to congratulate Brendon on his achievement. I look forward to the day when I will join you in the ranks later this year. Keep up the good work, you’re now more than ever a role model to younger scouts.

Congratulations Brendon. I owe you a handshake when we next meet. As a former asst. scout master I know the hardships to Eagle and the dedication to getting the job done. Good luck in the future and let us know how you are doing.

As a fellow Eagle Scout, Congrats! I know how much work goes into that, I couldn’t imagine doing robotics at the same time.

As an eagle scout myself I think there should be a thread to honor each one individually, its not an easy task.

Brendon, Congrats on the great accomplishment!

Congrats Brendon, I did not receive my Eagle, I am a Life scout for Life, but I would at a local camp CTSR, pushing others to do what I didn’t. Being in FIRST and Scouting is no easy task! Congrats again and best of luck to you.