A New Resource for the Chief Delphi Community

I had some free time and decided to fill a critical hole in the software resources available to the Chief Delphi community.

How many times have you been in a thread and seen yet another gif from Matt Lythgoe? Is that all that he posts? Are his gifs unique? Does he know how to actually write? Now you can find answers to all these questions and more thanks to Lythgoe Gifs](https://lythgoe-gifs.herokuapp.com)!

Lythgoe Gifs](https://lythgoe-gifs.herokuapp.com) is the new site that makes it easy to stay up to date with the freshest new gifs from Chief Delphi’s foremost poster. Want to see the CD thread behind a gif? Click the link below a gif to see the full context! Want to see gifs in their glorious full resolution? Click on any gif and it’ll open in a new tab!

Have suggestions for the site? Or hate mail? Let me know on here or submit a pull request.

god bless

Ok, so now it is clear what CD really wants.

It is not CAD libraries, code libraries, motor selection tools, center distance calculators, swerve module reference designs, motion profiling algorithms, or field-relative positioning through non-linear state estimation.

Lightspeed gratification = Lythgoe Gifs.

He’s only a bronze medalist… that’s all I’m sayin’.


This is a Yoda forum Matt…


the secret is to not try to be funny at all; just try to get banned

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You haven’t succeeded in that little venture, have you.


I pushed a minor update that changes how the music plays, so it now autoplays on mobile devices too! :smiley:

You’re a monster…

“You know what it is. Purple gold, purple gold, purple gold.” Crap now I have that stuck in my head.

To the sick monsters who created this abomination (/s):

So I was at my dad’s office getting work done, and I needed a GIF to post on ta group chat, and I knew Lythgoe was a master curator of GIFs, so I visited lythgoegifs.com.

Not knowing that aural ambience had been added since I last visited.

With my volume turned up all the way.

In a quiet corporate office.

Thanks everybody. RIP

Made. My. Day.