A new robot ESC design - please help by taking a user survey.

Greetings everyone,

I’m back to hawk yet another random robot-related item at you! However, this time, it has not been released yet, and I’d like your feedback on some final changes we should make to it before release.

The short story is a dual-channel single board DC motor controller that can operate from 8 to 50v and between 30A continuous and 60A maximum. It features a smart constant-current mode past 60A, which means it will only ever supply your motor/actuator/load with 60A, with fast enough transient response to catch a sudden motor stall.

The longer story, as well as some details of operation and developmental history, is at my info page

The survey is a Googledoc form and can be found here. It’s also linked through the above page. It is primarily asking about features and bonus levels like enclosures, but we also want to gauge what level of customer support people feel is appropriate.

While we’re not specifically targeting FIRST as a market, I think there’s enough people who are into building robotic and mobile systems to warrant a post here. We are not yet selling or collecting preorders, just finalizing the design. The anticipated launch date is some time next Spring, probably March.

Even if you’re not seeking another motor controller at the moment, if you’re into building anything which might need some serious DC motor control, please fill out the survey!

Thanks everyone.