A new season...

With the new season right around the corner, we thought it would be good to go over a few things. This is not only a message to those who may have just signed up recently, but a reminder to those of us who have been here for years. It has to do with the forum rules, etiquette, organization, etc.

We’d like everybody to take a moment and go re-read the rules which you agreed to when you first signed up to participate on the ChiefDelphi forums. They can be found on this page. They haven’t changed in the last week or two, but if you haven’t read them in a while it won’t do any harm to look them over again.

Also, below I’ve put together a couple of helpful links that you should take the time to look at. The first one is an informational post, giving tips on how to use the forums more effectively. The second is a well-written post urging people to keep an open mind while posting, remember who you are representing, and to keep the discussion flowing.

Tips & Tricks on how to better use the forums
Argument vs. Discussion

… im sure there are more, I just can’t think of them at the moment … feel free to respond with any that you can think of.

Keep in mind while using ChiefDelphi.com:

1- I am representing FIRST.
2- I am representing my team.
3- I am representing my school(s).
4- I am representing my sponsor(s).
5- I am representing myself.

Think before you post, but don’t hesitate to speak your mind.

Another thing that will help keep the discussion organized & centralized: Search
It only takes about 47 seconds to search a topic, and see if its been talked about recently. Its well worth it; it can be very hard trying to talk about the same topic in 2-3 different threads.

I think thats it for now. Reply if I’ve forgotten anything, I know I probably have :wink:

-Brandon & the rest of Chief Delphi

PS: Monday @ 4:30PM EST, the betting for the Ventures System test-run event will be closed. Get your last minute bets in now, if you haven’t already!