A News Article About An Old School Lesson On a Chalk Board

I just saw this article about a school lesson found on an old chalk board. It is about the Apollo 10 space mission - written on the chalkboard in 1969.

I thought this was very very cool.


(if this has already been posted and I’ve missed it, sorry)

I love that! It is great to see a little historic capsule like that. I hope they keep it, or at least take a nice commemorative photo.

Good eye, Jane!

Thanks, Genia - I would like to meet the teacher who wrote this lesson on the board.

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    -current events
    -history in the making
    -and the subject everyone loves as much as I do, English. :slight_smile: hint of sarcasm
    Awesomeness -
    …and this is how we learned in 1969. I’m sure it was ‘preserved’ by being covered by another board perhaps.

How would they preserve it henceforth, I wonder.
Teachers rock, past and present.

I would like to see them find the teacher who wrote it. That would be really cool.