A(nother) Sad Day For FIRST

Hi all, I come bringing sad news

According to this post, FRC Team 233 Pink Team is retiring. A remarkable team who have done remarkable work and impacts over the course of their years in FIRST. A Floridian, as well as world, powerhouse that has paved a path like no other, it goes without saying that if this unconfirmed news is true, they will be so greatly missed.

Until it is officially released, this is hearsay and rumor. Please, treat it as such.

I concur. Until an official communication to the FRC community is released, this is a complete rumor. This Twitter post is insignificant and could very well be false.

I’m going to not believe it until there is official confirmation, partly because that is what makes sense to do, and partly because I don’t want to believe it.

They’re still signed up for IRI in July at least.

According to the mysterious twitter poster they will not be announcing their retirement until after IRI. The poster claims to know this because she has a friend on the team. Either the twitter poster is a terrible friend or a liar.

Teams fold every year without formal announcements. If 233 is folding they don’t owe anything to anybody in the FRC community to announce it. If they are and they do that’s a nice thing to do but not necessary nor should it be expected.

Whether or not this is true, I’m confused about the word “retiring”.

I know many teams disband from lack of funds, lack of interest, lack of mentors, but I’d never describe that as "retiring’.

I’m not sure if it turns out to be true if we’ll ever hear a reason, but here’s hoping they can turn it around.

Retired is the term for any FRC team that stops competing. Resurrected is the term used for any team that was retired and came back again (ex. Rookie year 1999. Competes from 1999 to 2008. Comes back in 2011). I don’t think that term was used the wrong way.

Thanks and I didn’t mean that anything was ‘wrong’.

It’s just that the word ‘retire’ is a good thing to must of us old guys.

I find this rumor a little hard to believe. Then again, no one thought a team as strong as 1717 would dissolve, either. Until I hear more, I’m not believing anything.

So as someone on a Florida Team (and one with a very long history with 233) I am surprised and also not surprised by this announcement/speculation/misinformed youth.

Reasons it could be true:
• 233 is much smaller than it was when I first joined FIRST a long time ago
• Kennedy Space Center keeps facing budget cuts and 233 is their only “in house” team

Reasons I don’t think it is true:
• 233 is not facing a massive drop in members as they are a current;y a similar size= as their 2014 Team
• If they were facing budget constraints they would not have attended 3 regionals (Orlando, Bayou, and Lone Star)
• If they were losing a build space or something of the like many teams in the area would offer assistance
• They continue to contend for the culture and robotics awards so getting dropped by the school for lack of performance does not make sence
• Finally members of their team did not make this statement, a member of 2512 did.[/size]

I have nothing to say on whether they are or aren’t retiring but this is definitely wrong. Mike Dininny has worked for NASA his entire career and remains there today.

My apologies I was misinformed, happens to the best of us.

Until it is confirmed by 233 I do not believe this should be treated as reliable information. Certainly misunderstandings occur and remember this is likely 3rd or 4th hand information provided without proof by someone not affiliated with there team.

Pink has always been an awesome team to work with and I hope they will continue to be as great as they always have been.


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Honestly nobody should take this to heart until 233 has an official statement on the matter. 233 is an awesome team and I don’t see any reason why they would so suddenly retire.

Yep, we’ll be at IRI.

I can only hope that this is not true. I’d hate to see such an amazing team leave FRC.

Let’s see, it was posted on the Rumor Mill forum, with a link to the source material, containing the phrase

Even being posted by a brand new account with no name and team number, there’s no reason to give negative rep here.