A(nother) Sad Day For FIRST

Does anyone know why in 2014 at Orlando Regional the alliance that 233 is on got 0 points in both quarter finals matches?

Here’s the link.

Their alliance received a red card in both matches because one of the robots was significantly out of the rules (that robot had a second battery on board as ballast for playing defense).

Source: I was there in the stands

A retroactive DQ for robots not in compliance of robot Rules.


It is sad news to hear Team PINK will be coming to an end.

In my humble opinion, anonymous accounts deserve negative rep.


That does not follow the CD’s FAQ

**What are good and bad things to give negative reputation for?
**Negative reputation should be given if the person is posting something that detracts from the conversation. If the post is rude, inappropriate, breaks forum rules, is not gracious, etc; these are all good reasons to give negative reputation. If you have a personal grudge with someone, their team, etc, is it not appropriate to give them negative reputation for no reason. Giving negative reputation because you don’t agree with what was said is not an appropraite use of the reputation system. People are entitled to their own opinions, and just because you don’t agree doesn’t mean the user was wrong or not contributing to the conversation.

That’s insane… Did nobody think it was a bad idea to use that and not something like scrap metal?

Anonymous accounts generally do break forum rules, unless the poster does not have another account I guess…

Creating multiple accounts for a single person is not allowed.

It wasn’t explicitly against the rules that year, a rule prohibiting the practice had been removed. The ruling created some controversy that probably shouldn’t be rehashed here; do some searching to find the old threads.

Interesting, they will be at IRI; but he did not confirm or deny the rumor.

Anonymous also typically falls into “not gracious”. Whoever created this thread has stirred up some controversy. Whether it was with malice, I don’t know.

Not to mention - why would the user care if their anonymous account gets negative rep? The anonymous account isn’t created to have a reputation.

As a side bar, someone has just negative repped me for “You can not make up reasons to give neg rep”. I didn’t rep the OP, but the irony is strong with this one.

EDIT - I appreciate all the support, but please save your good (and bad) reps for posts deserving it.


Let them know that there are more things in Heaven, Earth, and CD, than are dreamt of in their philosophy. :rolleyes:

My apologies. I did not mean to imply that any individual specifically gave the negative rep; I have no way of knowing who did it, but based on the red dot, it was obviously done. I have not given anyone negative rep for this thread.


Didn’t they have a manual handy?


I wasn’t on the field, but reliable sources said that using the batterie(s) for ballast was OK’d be the inspectors before the start of the quarter finals. Then, there was a change of mind, and a call to FIRST HQ.

Team 233 coach Andy Bradley did a good interview just after the ruling. Unfortunate situation, but all teams on both alliances had good intent.


Let’s just say that posting something that the twitter account even stated the team did not want to announce until after IRI is more than enough reason to give negative rep. Spreading rumors, even on the interwebs should not be condoned.

But, hey, feel free to neg rep me for this. They are only dots after all.

The wording was updated after this incident so that it was clear in future years.

I’m not sure why this thread was created. Whoever posted it obviously knew they didn’t want people to know about it until after IRI, but blabbed about it anyway. What happened to “keep your mouth shut”?

This, If the person really is friends with a member of the team they wouldn’t do this. This sort of information is for them to come out with. It’s like if your friend/family member had a baby and you posted the name on facebook before they could announce it.

Amen to this. It’s in the rumor mill from an anonymous account linking to a Twitter post from somebody not even on 233 so I’d honestly not care about it that much. To everyone, just keep in the back of your mind that 233 might be retiring next year, and they might not. No official statement has been made. Regardless, I wish all members of the Pink team the best as they continue their journeys throughout FIRST, whether they take place on 233 or not.

I quoted this from a 29 Jan version of the manual.

Don’t tell anyone else yet but if everything holds true, 422 will unfortunately be competing next year. Sorry.

Great thread everyone!