A(nother) Sad Day For FIRST

Of 2016?

Because this happened back in 2014

R32 from 2014 Year of the beach ball

4.8.2 R32
The ROBOT battery must be secured such that it will not dislodge should the ROBOT be turned over or placed in any
arbitrary orientation.

No rule specifically against more than one battery on the robot. Just only one battery allowed to POWER the robot. R8 safety violation for using lead & acid for ballast. Question on rather or not robot was properly reinspected after modification. Currently inspectors are a lot more stringent documenting on re inspections because of this incident.

Red dotting cause someone you don’t know posted on Delphi? That kind of promotes Anon’s and Throwaways.
All accounts are anonymous until someone feels comfortable enough to share personal information. Throwaway accounts will always be useful as long as people don’t feel welcome. If someone wants to post something controversial for the sake of something that truly matters to them, but they don’t want it to blow back on the team then it makes sense to make a throwaway (multi accounting isn’t allowed though.)

What red dot?

This thread now includes:

  • An anonymous report of the demise of team based on a Twitter post
  • Someone calling the Twitter user a liar or a bad friend
  • A tangential discussion of a DQ issued 3 seasons ago
  • Someone quoting a rule from 2016 in reference to the DQ from 2014
  • An argument over the ethics of giving a red dot to an anonymous report based off a Twitter post

I think this thread just won “ChiefDelphi is terrible Bingo”.

We’re still missing “Personal Attacks Over the Idea of a District System in X State/Region.”

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someone call Rahul.

Still missing a water game post. And some ridiculous nonsense that someone then calls a game hint.

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It has a good score but we can do better:

Mentor built
Minnesota districts
Water game
Thank you Frank for being transparent
Why can’t FIRST be more transparent?
Video review

Can someone make a real bingo board?

Do we need another flyer?

Wait I think based on two recent posts we are hearing rumor of a water based bingo game.
Perhaps this post was initiated only to draw out that rumor. Which I would estimate to be its best accomplishment.

We still need the anonymous accounts like WestCoastBestCoast to chime in

Sorry; missed that point. Yes.

It was there when this post was about two replies old until at least the early afternoon. Apparently the positive reps later have (over) compensated.

I heard it started with some confusion about which restrooms to use at the championship, the stereotypical team gender color that they identify with now (The Pink Team) or their stereotypical team gender color when the team started (Roccobots).

Anonymous accounts should be banned.

You’re not helping, and just causing irony, in poor taste.

You can add paper airplanes and Will.i.am’s comment on Einstein to the list

I know it’s still just a rumor but it makes you think.

It doesn’t warrant another thread, but I was just told today the team I am an alumni of is quitting FRC post this season after 13 years of competition. (FRC 1102)

They’ve quit all their FIRST teams in favor of Vex teams.

Also add:
Shouting “ROBOT” between the pit and the field
Inconsistent rulings
Ridiculous safety surveys (no, randomsafteycaptain, we do not travel with a defibrillator) and other empty acts used to earn safety awards

Don’t forget the offseason defenses, portcullis safety hazard debate, illegal goal blocking (cheesecake)robots, time of practice field closure, noise level, and seating issues.

You don’t!? :ahh: