A Picture Request

Dear FIRSTcast listeners & Web Hug attendies,

Do you have pictures and/or video of Matt Krass being throwing into the fountain? Send them my way. PM me a link or email them to me at josephmatt AT gmail DOT com.


We now have video!

I have pics but my software hates me… once I get it figured out I’ll have ATL pics up

Lol thats funny.

You should have thrown him into the other one. He could have gotten the bouncy balls that were switling around in a vortex.

Linkage: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showpost.php?p=495457&postcount=84

AHahaha! that guy looks kinda pissed…

So wait a second, he got put in TWICE?!


and a trash can.

You guys are amazing. But I kinda feel bad for him…

A trash can?! TWO!

But they failed to mention how I got them all back with copious amounts of water bottles and evil jokes.

And don’t worry, it’s not over yet, Joe’s final surprise hasn’t arrived yet.

And this is what now?

Here’s another video view of Matt’s FIRST dunking (pun intended).
I suppose I should say “when Matt was FIRST cast into the fountain.”


Haha. :stuck_out_tongue: