A plea for civility at Los Angeles Kickoff

At last year’s Los Angeles kickoff, teams jumped up and stormed out to rush to the Kit of Parts line before the broadcast was even over. It was absurd, not in the spirit of this program, and embarrassing. Teams, this year PLEASE let us finish watching the broadcast and then WALK to the line.

A bit late for this, but at the SD kick off there was no line.
They called teams up by team numbers and did not start until after the broadcast. So there was no chaos.

That sounds much better. Even a random draw a number would be good.

Teams rush so they can get started earlier. We all have the kickoff fever. Tell me you aren’t excited to see the game, get your kit of parts, and start the 2012 season. I thought so.

People don’t try to be uncivilized when it comes to kickoff, however some teams have schedules to keep, or need to catch a bus to get back to their meeting area.

An organized calling by number would work, however it would need to be done quickly in order for it to work better than what we have now.

Trust me, I’m all with you on this. People at the SJSU kickoff can be a bit hectic when it comes to picking up kits, but they have their reasons.

I like this subject. Thanks for bringing it up! :smiley:

Good luck this season!

Well, my team actually volunteers to pass out the kit to the other teams, so we stay until the last team is through. At the MN kickoff, I’m not sure how teams line up, but we set it up so each team waits in line and can only send 3(or 4?) students/mentors in to collect the kit. We regulate it so that there are only so many people in the room at once and its fairly orderly.

I guess I understand if a team needs to catch a bus, but in other circumstances, I don’t see how 10 minutes is going to help a team create a winning design. Maybe you could have someone briefly mention before the broadcast starts that teams can line up after the broadcast is over.

Perhaps if you don’t tell teams where the line starts until the broadcast is done …

Newark (NJ) is approximately the same thing. Teams are given numbers (they line up) after kickoff ends, and let into the room one at a time by number. No chaos, no errors.

They call us up by lowest team numbers to highest.

I completely understand why teams are in such rush to get the KOP. But have someone make clear to all teams must stay till the end of broadcast. Extra 10-30mins isn’t going to do them any good…

At the local kickoff here in Maryland, NASA-GSFC runs a tight…(rocket)ship. Teams line up in the hall in numerical order. At least one adult and 2 students or adults. I believe one year we did reverse numerical order.

But the good thing about the senority line up is the rookies get an opportunity to talk with each other. Entire process for about 40 teams takes no more than an hour.

Time to go…to kickoff!