A Plea for Clear Headed-Thinking

After reading through some reactive comments made by some in various threads recently, I felt called to make a PSA of sorts. I wish I could meet each person here individually to stress the importance of decorum here, but that seems like a rather difficult task.

Remember that though we come from different backgrounds and x, y, z, we are all on each other’s side. We want people to love STEM, and think FIRST is a great tool to fulfill that desire. I say this with respect for everyone here. I don’t want anyone to have to suffer negative consequences for what they say here, even if they are “asking for it” or something like that.

Chief Delphi is special. It isn’t some internet cesspool of anonymity. Remember that when you link your team number and put your ACTUAL name up in your profile, you subject yourself to scrutiny by your peers and those associated with them. Mentors who argue with other mentors OVER the internet? Your own teams can see it, and so will others at competition. Students who call out other teams and team members on this forum? Now we all know who you are.

We are taught from a young age the value of respect. Please remember to respect others.

I hope most of you think before you speak in real life. If you don’t, you have the added benefit here of READING EVERYTHING YOU TYPE before you submit it to public eyes. No browser extension can save you from being a reactive person. Only you can control your words (unless mods decide to). Self-police please.

Have a great rest of season, career, and beyond!

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I can’t agree more. The fighting, bickering, harassment, bullying, lying, name-calling, and otherwise low-blows I’ve seen here this season are uncalled for. If anyone feels the need to hold those types of conversations, remember there is a PM function. Keep in mind that anything posted here is visible to the public, whether they have an account or not.

The amount of locked threads, deleted posts, and anonymous usernames in just the last month is astounding. Lets keep things civil, please.

I’ve tried to take an active stand against such behavior. After all, we are both professional and gracious here.