A Plea for Pictures

As we approach week 2 of regionals, I’d like to take the opportunity to remind people that the FRC Tracker 2014 app is out, and collects pictures. For people that aren’t at your event, the pictures on FRC Tracker may be the only way they get the opportunity to see a given team’s robot. Collecting these pictures is a great way to share that cool robot that might not make it to Championships from teams that don’t have much online presence.

So as a fellow fan of robots, I’d like to ask anyone who has access to the FRC tracker app to make an effort to get as many robots as possible from your regional on the app. I’m going to make an effort to get the teams at the Northern Lights, Lake Superior, 10000 Lakes, and North Star regionals, and I hope anyone with the means will try to get robots at their events uploaded (unless a team asks you not to). Seriously, it’s a great excuse to familiarize yourself with teams at your event, and there’s not really such a thing as too many pictures.

It may be too late to record all the matches, but we can still get most, if not all of the robots.