A President who literally rocks.



can anyone guess our president in the video above?

I guess the drummer, because both drummers and presidents are in control and set the rhythm for the people around them.

Wrong, guess again. :smiley:

The one on the right.

hehehe Yep, that’s in Mr. Stephen Milhalko, our president for the 08-09 season. :D.

I’ve always been a bad guesser…

(funny side note, the first time I saw the title of this thread I thought the word “rocks” was referring to stones, so I got really confused)

Who is Stephen Milhalko? Should I know that name?

Well, if you’re ever down at the Palmetto Regional or the Peachtree Regional, Stephen Mihalko is the lead scout and president of team 1261, the robolions.


**Stephen **Grover Cleveland
Hiram Ulysses **Grant **(birth name) he is more commonly known as Ulysses Simpson Grant, and if anyone cares about the story behind that pm me or look at wikipedia. It was also in a biography I read about him, and I’ve seen it in various other sources.

John **Tyler **- (10th president of US)

All are presidents.