A problem with dual lock and th hatches


When prototyping different manipulaters this year to aquire a hatch, the idea of dual lock tape to hold the Velcro of the hatch. However once stuck on the hatch removing the dual lock would leave bit of the dual lock and tear off the hatches Velcro! So if thinking about using dual lock to hold the Velcro, I would highly recommend not. (Not to mention damaging the hatch is against the rules)

(After some comments I am suggesting not using dual lock due to the potential hatch damage)


I realized the same thing and put in a question about it, though I haven’t experienced as much of the velcro tearing off.


I think it was in 2017 when we noticed that Dual Lock stuck to the loop side of Velcro better than the hook side of the Velcro.


I think the ability of it happening is general could he a problem due to it being against the rules if it were to damage it. I


Be careful with using Dual Lock to stick to the hook side of Velcro.

Yes, it does adhere well to the loop side of Velcro. So well in fact, that when you remove it, you may notice that it actually tears out a bunch of the mushroom heads from the Dual Lock, leaving them stuck in the Velcro hook material.


in 2017 we replaced the dual lock on our climber every 5 matches or so, it was used once per match. you will have to replace your dual lock every match if you are placing 5-6 panels a match.


For those that haven’t already, check out the change to the blue box for G15 in Team Update 2


Basically, if your dual lock leaves pieces in the velcro or tears up the velcro loops, it’s specifically called out as not legal


Regarding Team Update 02, are teams allowed to use velcro to grip to the Hatch, then push it off with a piston? Our team is struggling to understand if a velcro mechanism is allowed.


Using hook tape is definitely allowed, but you have to be careful. There was actually a question in the Q&A about this. As long as your hook tape doesn’t wear the loop tape on the hatch panels out too much, you should be good.


Yes, dual lock however, the plastic stuff, not hook tape wears the hatch greatly and kinda holds it too well alone with leaving residue on the hatch. Certainly illegal.