A Public Service Announcement, in a way.

So, I’ve noticed a number of new (and veteran) users who haven’t quite got the hang of all the essential features that are included with vBulletin, the forum software we use. I thought I’d go ahead and explain a few of the essentials, to hopefully prevent a few double-posts and such.

There is an edit button on every post. If you are the owner of this post, you can edit it. When you post something, and then realize 2-3 minutes later that you forgot to say something, try to edit the post, rather than post another right after it. Thats the whole purpose of the edit button.

If you want to reference someone’s post above, click the ‘quote’ button on their posts. This will start a new reply with their text already quoted/bolded/etc. A few people have bolded, italicized, and such, which is inconsistent with how 90% of the users normally quote text. Thats the whole purpose of the qoute button.

Preview Post
Take a look at what you’re going to post before you post it. You may realize something is missing, looks wrong, or shouldn’t be said before you post it. It may help in the long run.

Report post to moderator
Rather than harrass someone who’s posted something, and risk causing even more problems, hold off on replying-to/yelling-at the user publically, and report the post to a moderator. The post will get reviewed, and if any necessary action is required … it will be dealt with. This causes less hassle, less flaming/harrassing/bickering/etc and make the forum environment a little less crazy.

If you’re going to write ‘I dont know if someone posted this or not but …’ at the top of your message, at least go search for the topic before writing that. The search is pretty easy, semi-effective, and doesn’t take more than 2 minutes. Doing this will keep the forums more orderly and easier to read. I would rather look at 1 long thread on a topic, rather than flipping between 4 different threads on a single topic.

Anyway. If I think of any more helpful hints, I’ll reply to this thread. Feel free to do the same.


Another thing to remember: Sarcasm does not come across too well in text.

So as to bump this back up to the top of the new threads list, I will post.

A note on sarcasm:
You can enclose a sarcastic comment in pseudo-html, which usually gets the message across.

Ooooohh! A sarcasm detector! Now that’s useful!

sarcasm detector explodes

or if you want to not say someones name if you are accusing them of doig something stupid you can always coughtrashed20suckscough but you might catch a cold, or something like that

*Originally posted by FotoPlasma *
**So as to bump this back up to the top of the new threads list, I will post.

A note on sarcasm:
You can enclose a sarcastic comment in pseudo-html, which usually gets the message across.

Ooooohh! A sarcasm detector! Now that’s useful!

sarcasm detector explodes **

Nice Mr. Jim.

Mr. Brandon: This was needed, thanks.



An addition to my original message.

Delete: You are able to delete your message for the first 24 hours. After that, then contact a moderator by way of e-mail, PM, or the ‘report this post to a moderator’, and they can delete it for you.

Sometimes its usefull to type /me does something to show an action that you might perform.

/me builds a robot
/me Falls asleep on keyboard and starts typing rubbish…foganr;ghojkernb;kebfpgh


how do you post with out replying to something (what button do you push)

at the bottom of the thread page is a “post reply” button that allows a generic post…or simply delete the quoted part in the post.

if you are going to moan about something in a semi grumpy way, do this

grumble grumble useless team grumble…

You forgot your sarcasm identifiers!

What is the difference between quickreply and regular reply (aside from the obvious)? Is a regular reply read before it is posted?

The only diffrence is where you type your response, now in how it is viewed or posted. Also, the proper place for this question would be CD Forum Support

That said, gravedigs are bad, m’kay?

What’s a gravedig?

Thread necromancy. This is the third :ahh: time this thread has been revived when it should have been let to rest.

Its missing something…

Title of Spoiler Tag

If you are posting something that may call for a “Spoiler Alert” or something, please use the {Spoiler][/Spoiler} Tags…

Title of Spoiler Tag
[spoiler] Insert whatever you want spoiled... [/spoiler]

… If you don’t have the “=”+“text” after the “[spoiler” but before the “]” it will not work.

How do you start a new thread? I had seem to know how to do it before but its been a long time. Can someone tell me where i go to start a new thread?

When you are in a forum - not in a thread - there is a “New Thread” blue button at the top and bottom of the list. The buttons are in the same position as the “Post Reply” buttons in a thread.

I went under “new posts” on top bar, and clicked All Forums. on both “last week” and “within 24-hr” but i still do not find the “new thread” button?


Try this - next to the Wings of Fire logo at the top of the page, click on “Chief Delphi”. This will take you to the Forums page. From there, scroll down to find the proper forum along the left side in which you would like to place your new thread, and click on it. Near the top-left of the page, there should be a “New Thread” button. That’s what you want.

Thanks!! it worked! finally i can ask my questions :slight_smile: thank you very much

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