A public thanks to #1 seed alliance at IRI

After some vigorous defense in our first (close) quarter finals match at IRI, our intake cylinder suffered a bend that could not be repaired in time for the next match. This left one side of our intake outside of the frame perimeter when retracted (see photo).

The Head Ref asked all of the # 1 seed alliance coaches if they were ok with celt-X starting in an illegal configuration, and luckily all agreed, so we got to play the second (unfortunately less close) quarter final match after all.

Thank you to @Jim_Zondag and teams 33, 1706, 5712 and 1533 for your gracious professionalism, and for a couple of great matches!


Hijacking thread for an unrelated bit of thanks…

Kudos to the field staff for the decision to replay qualification match 77. To characterize an inter-volunteer miscommunication as a field fault was a deeply impressive display of accountability-- accountability to a degree that I’m not sure I’ve ever seen before in my FRC experience. Good work this weekend.


HQ is in shambles at this absurdly reasonable compromise


Now that’s a piece of common sense I’d love to see codified in the game manual.


This was an easy decision! The head ref came over and discussed the options with our alliance captain the Killer Bees. Jim immediately asked for input from our alliance. “Let them play!”


I’m not so certain that would occur in other sporting events. I’m very thankful for the kinds of traits we foster in this program.


This should be how all competitions are. The invalid starting configuration is obviously not by choice and offers zero advantage. It’s just some damage.

I’m glad to see a wave of more reasonable decisions in the game


It’s such a small detail that we didn’t even have to think twice about it. It’s not worth making a big deal over something so small. Overall great job at the competition.


No Problem, we were glad to be able to make this concession. Things like this should be more common in FRC. Robots get damaged, and the show must go on. Great job at IRI by CeltX and all of the teams.


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