A question concerning inventor 12

Is there anyway to convert Autodesk Inventor 11 files to Autodesk Inventor 12 files? I didn’t find a way to do so, and we need some of our old files.

Thank you


You should just be able to open them in Inventor 12. Worked between 6 and 10, at least. Going back was the hard part…we never did figure out how to do that.

Well my Inventor team tried this and they couldn’t open it, do you have any suggestions?

Maybe convert the files to something both versions can read, then save them as Inventor files?

i cant go back but i can go forward

try updating the firmware ??? i dont no that is what i can think of…

AutoCAD might be a good median for this. I don’t know if you can import with ProE.

Attach a file here so others can determine if there is a problem with the file.

The next newest version of Inventor should ALWAYS open files created with the previous release. So, Inventor 2008 should open R11 files without any problem. As JD says, maybe post one of your R11 files so somebody else can take a look.

First off, there is no Inventor 12, it’s Inventor 2008. Autodesk changed the way they name their products.

You don’t have to convert older files to newer versions. You just open an older file in a newer version of Inventor, and when you save it , Inventor will tell you that the file(s) was migrated from an older release and ask if you want to save it as a newer version. Just click yes.

You can open an older file in a newer version of Inventor, but you can’t open a newer file in an older version, so make sure you won’t need to still use an older version of Inventor.

Well my team is currently doing the same type of switching between 10 and 2008 inventors and the best so far is saving the files in my documents and then moving them to inventor ? I hope this works for your team.

I would also suggest keeping all files in the same folder. Inventor likes when things are all together. Save yourself headaches later.