A Question on Compilers

I’m the only programmer on a new rookie team, and I would like to ask what’s the difference between using the Pic MicroLab compiler program, or EasyC? Is it just that EasyC is easier use for rookies or what?

Also, is the Vitrual Instrument program used to debug code without having a physical robot built?

Sorry if these questions are duplicates, I tried searching with no luck and the questions are driving me insane.

The difference between the two compilers is what you think it is, EasyC provides an easier programming interface (however, experienced programmers may find it frustrating, though i’m told the new version does have normal C editing capability YAY!).

I’m not sure which "Virtual Instrument program you are referring to, but the National Instruments LabVIEW program is designed to take input from the robot. Any diagnostic tool (i.e. IFI Loader or EasyC) is also more than likely designed to have a robot attached to it. Its very hard to debug programs for robots without robots to test them on. (In other words, if such a program did exist, how would it know what your robot was supposed to do at each programmed command? The program means nothing until its loaded onto an FRC Robot controller plugged into real motors etc. Then you can really start testing.

Good luck with the programming, I’d be glad to offer what help I can.

Nifty thanks, ya when I was toying around earlier with EasyC I was getting a little frustrated, but from what I understand it allows for standard text entering. The LabView program was what I was talking about, and that will be still useful for debugging.

Glad I could help