A Question on Perspective

Hi all,

Quick question. This past year we were involved in a number of events for elementary school students. A parent recently emailed me and told me that because of their kids involvement in the program, they decided to start a small FLL team in their school. Apparently it turned into four teams. In regards to mentoring, the location of the school is not conducive to our kids being able to travel. How would your team “sell” or market this type of situation on your Chairman’s award?

By saying exactly what you told us. :slight_smile:

Saying exactly what you told us would work but if you want something fancier"

“Thanks to our outreach at local elementary schools, FIRST Team 3337 has been the inspiration that caused four of the elementary schools to start up their own FIRST Lego League Teams” If you have the space or the info FIRST also likes to have the team numbers and nicknames

The word I think you are looking for is “Inspired”…