A quick cannon design we made


We are still in search for a better idea, but so far we have this. any thoughts on why this would be problamatic (except for no engines)?

Looks like a normal linear shooter to me. Search on CD and you’ll find you’re not the first to come up with this.

You’ll need a way to feed each disc into the shooter’s wheels (pneumatic pistons seem to work well).

Stacking discs vertically *may *prove to be problematic. I suggest stacking up some of your discs and seeing how well one slides out from the bottom of the pile.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

we actually had a few other ideas after this was made. the greatest i believe is using some kind of extra big pinball flipper to make the shot…
i will probably make the sketch on Sunday… might even upload to the chief :rolleyes:

In addition to this, you may want to think about how you will deal with jams. The frisbees coming out of the feeder slots tend to fall more straight down than in a “flat” format, plus if you put this shooter on an angle, it may be even harder for the human to load. What this may mean is that dropping the frisbee in your cylinder on top could result in the frisbee getting stuck vertically, and that could mean the end of your ability to shoot and/or load any more. And because the humans basically have to break contact with the frisbee as it slides through the feeder slots, there is no way to “push” or “free” frisbees stuck in your robot.

But the good news is that your general shooting design should work. The Robotin3Days guys used a similar style shooter.