a quick look at a team 449 animatic:

here is a shot of an animatic i am making for our animation

animatics are motion storyboards. as you can see, i have done the landscape to some quaility, and also have began texureing the control tower. the setting is an abandoned air feild. mind you that all the stuff that looks like [edit]poo[/edit] will be removed and replaced with high quality texured models.


What’s the point of this? Just showing off?

well, whats the point of your post? its to show part of the animation process

Looks cool…

Hope this airfield means your teams robot wont fly or could u possibly be trying to tell us it is going to hover…lol…j/k


(ps. anyone notice the high amount of moderator edited words this week?)

guick render test



here is a quick render of the feild as of now… it has our animation’s logo on it! :smiley: :smiley:


Nice, good job. Did you model those airplanes?

The ground texture needs work. The stretching takes away the feeling of depth and distance.

Left side of the picture and the background are far too bright.

Hangers look good. Could use a hanger door maybe?

Radio tower isn’t textured in the inside, i suppose you aren’t done with it.

Good dirt. You use a plug-in like QuickDirt, or do you just apply a mask and a texture?

The feeling on the newest pic is good.