A Reminder for Examining hints

Just a friendly reminder that in previous years many of the hints have been obvious, particularly in recent years. It doesn’t require complex examination of the metadata, it is usually right in front of us. Most years we are so far into the forest that we can’t see the trees. Frank even says that they don’t put too much time into the hints.

TL;DR Try not to look into it too much. It shouldn’t take 5 layers of extrapolation to figure out.

You’re too late. That is all.

That said, I looked, said “Hmm… Wonder what the change is going to be this year: Game, Robot, or both?” and went back to Fantasy FIRST.

Then again, 2013 Game Hint #3 was pretty complicated.


31 88274153, 622341415326

412383975388 9788533197

31 262383835388, 332341415326

93276426238397 995323979397

Remember this?)

Wasn’t it just a cryptogram that collectively we essentially figured out? I would say that it actually was a pretty simple concept.

Well yes, but it was still a riddle even after being decrypted. Everyone figured out what it said, but we only half determined what it meant. There was some argument over what “SEAL” meant, and upon reading what Frank said it really meant afterward, I don’t think we ever quite came to the answer.