A Reminder When Things Get Tough....

Now, being on CD for a while has pointed on big thing out to me, while me might all argue and complain, we are all here for the love of the idea and spirit of FIRST. We fight for it, we want it better, we want it to grow.

Now, as the season starts, there will be, as there has been before, a few threads where there will be heated debates on topics of the game, and some teams might get thrown into the mix (anyone remember collusion?), remember, we are all one in this. No matter how heated things get, no matter how bad things get, everyone should know that it’s all done for the spirit of FIRST. Same thing applies to building the bot and other parts of FIRST, such as animation and chairmans.

As in the song ‘What is Rock?’ lyrics…

Once the song’s begun, the group is one
Once the song is done, the group is gone

Remember, the song is FIRST and the competition. We are the group. We dance to FIRST, we move because of it. Every year it’s a different song, but we still dance to it. But if there is no song, the group, and us, are gone.

In other words, not only be thankful, also know that everything said and done here is in furthering FIRST and it’s goals.

Well said. I’ll move this to general so more people can read this. It’s always good to have a reminder that Gracious Professionalism should be applied when talking in these forums, too.

Thank you, Joseph, for reminding us of what this FIRST thing is all about. This is a perfect time for this reminder - just before kickoff and the beginning of three months of “the hardest fun you can have™”.

I’m sure everyone will agree that keeping a positive attitude not only makes things more fun, it also makes it possible to achieve the impossible. As we go to the kickoff and the ensuing brainstorming, I hope to keep an open mind and, when we discuss ideas, instead of thinking about how someone’s idea won’t work-has been tried before-is too difficult, I will think about how to make it work.

How’s that for a New Year’s resolution?


I agree to. Man, I should have included that too… grrr…

Anyway, thanks for the comments guys. I’ve had a hard time the past few months, and I think FIRST is an ultimate escape, not into a video game, music, or a movie, but an escape into what is really out there in the world.

Quick refresh for everyone as we enter the new season.