A request for help from ConnectPress

I am working on story for ConnectPress.com, I am trying to get the answers to a few questions that have been submitted by our readers, any help you can provide would be very much appreciated:

The questions are:

Q2-060606: Dimensions in Inventor 10

Can we set up Inventor 10 to automatically put a dash between fractions?

Q2-041106: MDT 2004 Conversion to Inventor 11

Can you import MDT 2004 files into Inventor 11?

If so does it bring across any feature history?

Q2-051606: Upgrading to Inventor 11

I am currently using Inventor 8.

What are the benefits for upgrading to Inventor 11 from Inventor 8?

What are the problems encountered when upgrading?


I’d suggest checking out the Autodesk Inventor FAQ on their website, and perhaps the discussion groups hosted by Autodesk.

Good luck!

For the last one, the onyl words you need to know are “Inventor Studio.” This app now built into inventor allows you to animate, render, and make really nice quality images of your CAD work. As well as that, the frame generator is a very useful tool.