A request for REV: Enable index on maven


I’m not sure if CD is the right place for this, but I’ve seen REV employees responding fairly regularly here, so I’ll give it a shot:

Please enable indexes for the REV maven repository. Doing so allows those interested to browse the available versions and files, as well as allowing certain tools to interact with the repository. For example, we have an Artifactory server running that mirrors all of the FIRST-related maven repos we use in our code to enable us to work behind a very restrictive school firewall. Artifactory will not allow us to add it as a remote repository since the root directory returns a 404.

For reference, both CTRE and WPI have indexes properly enabled on their repositories.

We look forward to using the Spark MAX and NEO this season!


Our website backend won’t allow this at the moment. I’ll post back here when we have a solution.