A Resource for Physics Students

After way, way too much work, I’ve managed to cobble together a complete lecture series for high school physics, covering AP Physics 1, AP Physics 2, and general high school physics (specifically, NYS Regents Physics).

It’s not perfect–I was learning as I went and upgrading technology as I realized what I needed to make things better, and the air intake fan in my classroom is so loud that even applying noise reduction and filters still couldn’t cut it out (with my level of lack-of-expertise)–but I’d like to think it’s pretty good, and can serve as another resource for students learning physics at the high school level.

If this is useful for you, lovely. Start at the link below, and ninety videos later you’ll hit the end of Thermodynamics. Cheers.


Thanks! I’ve followed you on YouTube, looking forward to watching these. The first one is very good


You have no idea how thankful I am for this right now.


This came in such good timing its not even funny. Thank you so much.


Watched the first section — really nice.

I see a playlist for each section, but no overall playlist or indication of what order to watch the sections. Am I just not finding it? Anyway, seems like that would be super useful.


You can jump from topic to topic if you want to, but every video ends with a link to the next in the “chain” of how one might usually learn them. I’ll definitely add in the channel description a “watch order” for those who just want to crash course through the whole thing.

Edit: Channel Desription and Complete Course Playlist have been added. Link to the playlist below. Thank you for the suggestion.


Sweeeet, gonna put these on in the background today.

Watching the first video, liking it already. The early hook to help deflect the “What??? We have to relearn numbers AGAIN???” angst, graphical examples, emphasis that vocab is important but not getting too hung up on it, great stuff!

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Here’s the complete course playlist:


From Electrostatics 3:

I feel like there’s a really cheesy pickup line in here.

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The better joke is from Universal Gravitation: If you’re ever feeling down or unattractive, you can just look at that law and realize that literally everyone is attracted to you. On the flip-side, if you’ve ever gotten a big head and think you’re top dog, do the math and you’ll find that everyone’s attraction to you is very, very small.


I use that joke every year in class. I get “pity laughter” in response. Mission accomplished.

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Yes, exactly. You will appreciate our physics humor or you will cry trying!