A response to the community from 4418

Hello everyone,

My name is Dakotah and I’m an Alumni and mentor on FRC Team 4418, IMPULSE, who I am speaking on the behalf of. I was the design and marketing lead while I was on the team and am now a design and fabrication mentor. I was extremely close to Kendrick, his rookie year was in 2016 with Stronghold, which was my last year as a team member. I watched this kid grow up from a freshman to soon-to-be mentor, and he was simultaneously like my son and my brother, as I alternated between trusted mentor and cherished friend. I grieve his loss with every component of my being, and the only way I can find strength during these times is by preaching his legacy anywhere that will listen, which is exactly what I will do here.

First off, I would like to let you know that 4418 has heard you. Your outpouring of love, support, and condolences has been nothing short of immense and humbling. At the same time, I can’t say I’m surprised, I have always known the love my robotics family was capable of. Myself and the mentor team have made sure to forward your messages of support on to the team members and the Castillo’s.

I would like to address all of the requests for ways to support the team and family. The best thing you can do is continue all the things you already do now.

Kendrick adored this program, and he was prepared to do anything he could to support our local corner of FRC. There were to many nights myself and Mr. Castillo, 4418’s coach, spent in the manufacturing labs of STEM helping him finish critical assemblies, sometimes until 3 am, because as fabrication lead the buck stopped with him. If it wasn’t done when the meeting was “over”, he stayed until it was finished. A true FRC kid.

This is why I know he would want the community to keep doing what it always has. To be kind, to foster STEM learning and growth in the lives of young people, and to spread the doctrine of Gracious Professionalism and Coopertition to a world that, after these events, sorely needs it. And of course building robots. Every bolt you tighten, every assembly you design, is an effort done in Kendrick’s memory, because all he ever wanted was to build cool things.

I’d like to suggest that since the 2020 build season will not have the Stop Build Day we’ve all come to know and dread, I ask that on February 18th, 2020, what would have been Stop Build Day, you take a moment with your teams and robots and remember Kendrick. Maybe you talk about him, leave a memento on your robot, maybe just keep him and 4418 in your thoughts. Anything is appreciated.

For those of you who would like to do something more concrete, we welcome your help. As I hope everyone has seen, the FIRST Inspires Victim Support and Memorial Fund is still active and will remain so as long as there is support. That money, as well as the money gained from the Wells Fargo fund (https://www.kktv.com/content/news/Authorities-warn-of-509667691.html), will go directly to the Castillo’s for them to use however they need or deem appropriate. Those funds are also the only official funds active and are the only one’s 4418 condones. Please do not donate to any other funds or trusts because we cannot verify their legitimacy.

Next, in their infinite compassion, the Castillo’s have made Kendrick’s Celebration of Life open to all FRC, FTC, and FLL teams. If you are in the Colorado area or are interested in attending, please know that you are welcome. Here is the information:

Kendrick Castillo’s Celebration of Life
May 15th at 1:00 pm.
3900 Grace Blvd, Highlands Ranch, CO, 80126

In addition, we’ve seen some of the posts proposing a “robot caravan or procession”, and think that’s the best idea since the Noodle Agreement in Recycle Rush. If your team is thinking of coming, you are encouraged to bring your robot in a show of solidarity for 4418. Due to venue limitations and other constraints, this will likely just be a static display as opposed to an actual moving parade, but should be extremely powerful all the same. We’ve been in contact with FIRST Leadership extensively over the past few day’s and they are helping us in coordinating this effort. If you would like to bring a robot to Kendrick’s Celebration of Life, please reach out to Jamee Luce at:

[email protected]

She will help communicate all of the details as they’re created by 4418 and FIRST and organize the event. Note that depending on the response we receive, the venue may not be physically large enough to support all of you, and we may have to find a nearby location. There will be space for you however, someway or another.

Finally, I found a lot of purpose in talking about Kendrick. His life, his achievements, and his love for the elctromechanical. I’ve been reached out to by some news outlets already, which is how I got in touch with FIRST admin. I refuse to allow Kendrick’s memory to disappear, his story must be known. So because of that, I’m putting my email out there for response. I’ll put it in the comments since I can only add 2 links as a new user.

As long as it’s about remembering Kendrick, I will talk to anyone. I will talk to everyone. If you know anyone who wants to do a story about his memory, without any other connotations, feel free to pass on my information. I know I can trust all of you to keep it impartial.

Once again, thank you all for your support. 4418 is forever grateful for everything you’ve already done, as well as everything you have yet to do. We will get through this. And we’ll do it as a community.

  • Dakotah Mann
    Design Mentor, FRC Team 4418

[email protected]

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I think it’s amazing that Kendrick’s Celebration of Life will be open to all FRC teams however I live in California and have school so it would be impossible for me to attend. I was wondering if there could be some sort of livestream set up so I and others who can’t make it could be a part of his Celebration of Life on the livestream.


I will see that we put a 4418 logo on our robot next year. Where can i print one out?



We will check on this and get back to you on the forum.

Mentor Jeff Stem 4418



Thank you for the kind thought. I will have our marketing team post a link to the logo for you to download.


Mentor Jeff Stem 4418


Dear Dakotah,

Hello! My name is Paige Patz and i’m Team 3182’s business captain and soon-to-be team captain.

When news first broke of this tragedy, I knew my STEM family, that only took me in a year prior, was in need of support. So for days after announcing that Kendrick gave his life to protect students, I knew I wanted to do something, and bugged my mentors to ALLOW me to do something.

Six years back, Connecticut faced its own tragedy: Sandy Hook. I was only in 5th grade, but parents rushed to my middle school to pick the kids up to get them safe. When I heard of the news that an elemantary school was in danger, I feared for my brother who began elemantary that year. While we found out soon that it wasn’t my town that had this incident (Newtown and my town sound super similar), it was still horrific and saddening to hear the deaths. I helped lay flowers for children and their families weeks after.

Now six years later, it hurts to see nothing has changed, but its amazing to see how people have stepped up and are willing to protect students while giving their life. Kendrick Castillo will never be forgotten in my mind.

Two days ago, my mentor threw me a black banner, and nine sharpies saying we can do something. So for the Connecticut State Championships this weekend, we collected pins and signatures on the banner to be shipped out to Highlands Ranch. I have photos of the crowd, on their knees, willing to sign and stand with 4418. Our director, Carol, even did so. Everyone loves 4418 and will remember.

A 3614 mentor, Operation PEACCE Robotics, gave a heartwarming and tearful speech to make sure we remember him. Instead of a moment of silence, we did a moment of cheer.
“Where ever Kendrick Is, lets get loud enough for him to hear it. So that he knows that we are excited to do his favorite thing today, LETS HEAR IT!”

Everyone screamed and shouted, crying and cheering with smiles on their faces. I was one of them. The hall shook from our message to get through to him. And I personally think we succeeded.

I apologize for this comment’s length. But we here at New England want to show our support. Although 99% of our singnatures is Connecticut, we will also bring a new banner to Battlecry on June 8th and 9th. We will try to send that out to you guys too. But for now: the package for Connecticut State is expected to ship out on Monday Morning. Thank you for this update and letting us know. I will try to get the stream and get the time the mentor gave his speech.

I also will be posting our project on Instagram, thanking everyone for their support to help you out.

With love and support,
Paige Patz


The Highlanders(#4499) are so saddened by the loss of Kendrick. We plan to be present with
our robot.


Hi Aaron,

You can download a high quality version of our logo at the google drive link below:

Thank you

Jeremy from Marketing 4418



Many thanks from your friends at 4418. Your presence will be greatly appreciated. I look forward to seeing you and talking to you all.

Thanks again,

Jeff, Mentor to Stem Impulse 4418



Unfortunately we will not be able to do a live stream. We do appreciate you kind words and support.


Jeff Mentor for Stem Impulse 4418


Team 7210 will most likely have your logo in respect of Kendrick

Thank you!

Team 7210 you are welcome to use our logo which is located up further in this forum. Thank you for your support of Stem Impulse 4418 and Kendrick Castillo and his family.

Mentor Jeff Stem Impulse 4418

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@doobuhdoobpaste I saw this as a reply to a post by FRC and thought I’d share it… I’m sure you and the rest of the team probably would be behind something like this, but the more voices behind something like this, the faster/easier it can come to fruition.


How about renaming the field at a (the) Colorado regional? It is less confusing in some ways, so that the event name is more in line with the geography, but if Championships has field names, why not regionals?


A local TV news station will be live streaming Kendrick’s celebration of life on their website, their facebook, and on their Youtube Channel. Here is the link to this article for more information:


Hope this helps.



It would be really cool to get an award to be in honor of him. Similar to the imagery award in honor of Jack Kamen.

Here is a YouTube link to Kendrick’s celebration of life ceremony:

You can watch it live right now, or you can watch it at a different time.

Rest easy, Kendrick.


Here is another link to the celebration of life: