A Robot, sincerely Team 60

Despite the fact that someone found and posted a pic of our robot (which isn’t a big deal) I thought I should still create a thread.

Well, there she is, more pics can be found from:
or more specifically:
Robot Pictures

Very Nice, I love your your Color Cordination with the white, tho the gold/zinc/titanium coloring isnt as hot

I need to Ask, What does it do?, im very curious about the red ring and the lower bar under it and not to mention the white spear like pole

btw your second link “Robot Pictures” is broken, cause you included a double http:// in it

Working “Robot Pictures” Link

Good Luck in Arizona and Vegas


That looks great, someone got a pic of our bot last year before we were going to post it to, How much does it weigh and how high can the arm go?

I love the colors, good luck this year.

What is the pneumatic cylinder in the top arm for ? :confused:

Any pics of it with a tetra?

what material is the upper part of the arm made of?

That is awesome. That paint job is also awesome, and that sprocket…what a BEAST!!!:ahh:

I think I get the gripper…pretty cool idea, and very elegantly implemented. Did you use the window motors coupled with the Fisher Prices to prevent backdriving?

bravo… very nice indeed. But may I ask why the bot’s frame, gearboxes, arm mounts, and arm itself look exactly like te cheesey poof’s bot? (team 254)

60 & 254 collaborated on a wonderful robot design last year. This year, both teams’ robots look similar to last year’s design (if you’ve got something great, stick with it or improve it) but are adapted to this year’s game.

Looks like it fires missiles at other robots… thats not very GP :ahh: :ahh:


Me being the driver of a defensive bot, I love seeing exposed wheels like that :smiley: . I can’t wait 'till Atlanta.

hey alex, dude you gotta write back to these guys, that’s the point of starting a thread, i have seen this babe work so i don’t have questions but these guys do. you guys rock like always and i can’t wait for nats, good luck on programing!

I guess I can answer some of these questions:

The spear, hook, red bar, and ring all work together to grasp and hold a tetra very well. The cylinder is just set back in the arm to help with the cg. It is connected to the hook with a shaft. The cylinder is 12 in. I think. The lower red bar functions as a fulcrum that makes the tetra rotate up in to the ring. The hook grabs the apex of the tetra, and pulls it back into the ring. The straping on the sides stops tetras from getting really caught on the arm.

I will see about getting a pic of it holding one or possibly some vid if I can.

I think at weigh in it was 114.1, but we have some mods to do at vegas so that will go up a bit. We havent measured it, but I think it can go 10ft straigh up in the air, though that isnt really usefull.

All of the robot, exept for shafts and gears are aluminum.

The window motor was added at first for more tourqe, but we discovered that it does a good job at preventing backdriving(some times too good of a job).

We haven’t ever had any problems with defensive bots getting in our wheels. They all have one major problem… they have to catch up with us first :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for all the complements guys!

You guys look better than you perform. :stuck_out_tongue: I know how to tip you guys over if my team ever decides to play defense. Not that we need to, we’re a great offensive team. Your robot does look great though. :cool:

60, you guys were awesome at Phoenix. Those were great and close quarterfinal matches we played with you guys. I can’t wait to see you guys in Vegas, maybe this time we can be stacking the same color tetras in the quarterfinals. :smiley:

Well you were at sacramento, didnt you see what happened to 254? I forget which bot (753? not sure) took off a wheel from 254. On another note, thats a very pretty bot

IMHO, Phoenix, for us, could of been alot better, hopefully we can get the bot performing up to what it should during vegas.

I didn’t get to go to sacramento, but I did hear about them losing a wheel. I not sure why the lost it but ours are very hard to get off as the are held on with a strong snapring and locktight.

Yeah, luck hurts sometimes. Bad luck made us take 2nd place. IMO, Arizona regional should’ve been ours. :\ Maybe Vegas. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck to you both at Vegas, you both had strong showings at the Arizona regional. Nice tetra capping, and good arm strength. If only we all could have gotten our autonomous modes working better…

We’re hoping to get ours to LA. We want to work with 980 again, I just hope neither of us falls over there :rolleyes: .

That would be awesome if you come to LA. You guys were great partners in Poenix last year. So are you coming to LA?