A Robot That Inspires You

1114 is probably the closest…theyve won a regional event each year from 2004 to present, but did not win in 2003.

1574 is 3 for 3 in Israel. Not only that, they’ve been the #1 seed twice (2005, 2007), and was selected first in 2006 (they were the #3 seed). They’ve had success at Championship too, with a 5-2 record on Curie in 2006, and as the #2 seed and semi-finalist on Newton in 2007. Their record since 2006 (including elimination matches, was unable to find 2005 Israel data) 44-8-1. That’s a 85.577 winning percentage. Meet Miscar, they’re the real deal. And they inspire me.

Those kids in Cocoa Beach, Florida also turn out some of my favorite robots as well. Regardless of name (“Space Coast Team”, “Roccobot”, or that other color-specific one), 233 turns out some of the most beautiful, well-engineered, dynamic, dominant machines in FIRST.

“I like Cheesy Poofs, you like Cheesy Poofs, we all like Cheesy Poofs, or we’d be laaaaame…”. 254 has a standard set so far above what the average other team does, it’s amazing. Not only do their robots compete well, they look freaking sweet too. Their aesthetic standard is part of what sets 254 apart from many other teams in FIRST (oh yeah, and all those gold medals).

People keep mentioning that one group of Canadians. Well, their not even the best team in their High School. FVC 1114 is the most dominant team in the three branches of FIRST. In their two years, they have yet to lose a competition. I think they have something like 1 or 2 TOTAL losses (someone on 1114 correct me if I’m wrong). They won Delaware and Championship in 2006, and Toronto and Championship in 2007. They have shown me what is capable of being done with the vex robotic design system. They’ve taken a much more limited and bound set of materials and resources, and done things that many FRC teams couldn’t. Imagine 2002 RAGE+bar hanging+the ability to accurately control a ball twice the size of your robot+an effective autonomous and you’ll get what they did with their Vex bot in 2007. The Simbots are absolutely annihilating the boundaries of Vex.

It seems that from what I’ve read about these robots who inspired others and are robots from other regionals from those who were inspired were robots that made it to the Championships.

I’d like to add that 254 is probably the most dominate regional competitor there is.

If my memory serves me right the only times that they have lost are:

2002 Buckeye Regional while paired with us and Elite.
2007 SVR (first time they have ever lost that)

Also they are one of only 3 teams to win 3 regionals (254, 1114, 1503… If i missed anyone sorry)

But for consistent inspiration I would have to give a vote to 254, consistantly winning, always a very well engineered marvel, and a group of great guys on the team.

I remember walking over to see there robot at nationals after we uncrated and we made the comment “We wish our robot looked as professional as that one” Great job guys and keep it up.

Powder-coating goes a long way to making a robot look professional. Leaving everything silver makes you look like just another bot – but adding your school colors to the mix adds flare and marketability.

They also lost 2005 Davis Regional, but these three losses that I know of are trivial compared to the 14 regional wins that they have and their one championship semifinalist.
Not only does 254 build great robots, but I have also found their team to be very professional as they are willing to help our team out.


I think 330’s 2005 and 2007 robots have inspired me the most.

They have proven to the entire FIRST community that a very simple design, coupled with great drivers, can be extremely effective.

I’m trying to get our team to keep going simpler and simpler so we can reach that 330 point of simplicity and excellence.

Easy to build, easy to operate, easy to maintain.

Given our past “issues” with regionals, while it wouldn’t surprise me if 48 were affiliated with one of 254’s only regional defeats ever, it was actually Team 47 that was paired with 229 and 254 at the 2002 Buckeye Regional. 48 was partnered with 234 and 892 (as last pick, I believe. A common spot for us), and our alliance lost in the quarterfinals.

Here be corroboration:


This is of course a common mistake, as at least 10,502 people confuse 47 and 48 every year. Why, I have absolutely no idea.

You may also be confusing 2002 Buckeye with the inaugural Canadian Regional, where 229 and 188 partnered with 48. We made it to the semifinals there. That was the event at which I first met and worked with some young college mentor with the initials JVN. Good times.