A sad day to start kick-off

For those who do not know, a tragedy occurred yesterday in Hartford, CT. Team 3125, Pirates of the Pythagorean, Gerber Technology, Inc. / United Technologies Corporation / Capitol Region Education Council & Greater Hartford Academy of Math and Science were en route to the Farmington Kick-off when their bus was cut off on I-84 westbound in Hartford. The bus crashed through the guardrail & plummeted down the embankment. One student was killed, 2 seriously & many more injured. This is a rookie team & might need more help than usual to bring forth a robot.

Many teams have come forward to offer assistance and support to Team 3125. We truly appreciate these offers. However, right now we are taking our lead from the GHAMAS team and community in letting them work through the
grieving process within their school community. We are in touch with
their school administration and have offered the support of FIRST and
the FIRST community, but at this point in time it is important for
them to work through their grief as a school.

They are aware that we as a FIRST community stand ready to support
them however they need, but when and only when they are ready.

If you would like to offer support please contact me at [email protected]. Thank you.

Hi. My name is Carol and I am the NEMO parent/Mentor for the GHAMAS team. Thank you all so much for your out-pouring of support. Our team is grieving and our hearts are broken. The team is determined to build the robot and compete, we may need some help in upcoming weeks as we determine who is still able to participate. Will keep you all posted. We have great counselors at school who are really helping the kids. If any of you have advice on how best to help the kids as a mentor, I would greatly appreciate it. Meanwhile, hold your kids close and let them know you love them.