A school asking for help

Hi. I received a message from one of our new friends on Tapped In, regarding a school in New Orleans asking for help. I don’t know if this school has a FIRST team, but I thought someone here on Chief Delphi could get in touch with the contact person, maybe advise or put them in touch with someone who can help. Thanks!

Robyn Needel

Seeking Re-Building Help for Katrina Casuality

Dear Colleagues,

I was able to return to our school campus for the first time last week. Mycomputer lab and robotics lab were both under several feet of water. Theyare a complete loss.

Our school is sharing a campus with another school in New Orleans. But, the word is that we may return in the spring or next fall. About half of ourstudents are back with us. Rebuilding is the focus now. However, little is being said about rebuilding my labs. The robotics lab destruction is
particularly painful since my students made it to the regionals at Auburn University last week. All of our tools, equipment and winning designs weredestroyed. It is clear we will need 50-60K to rebuild both labs.

I truly believe New Orleans will be a better community in the coming years. We will be smaller, but more productive. The French Quarter and downtown are intact. The Convention Center and Superdome are being restored. Life
is slowly returning. But, it is not the same place you visited years ago. Whole neighborhoods and sections of the city will be bulldozed.

Thank you very much for anything your network of schools can share in helping us rebuild our school.

If you could send out an all call, we would really appreciate it!

Mark Lasserre
Teacher, Holy Cross School
New Orleans, LA