A Series of Unfortunate Events

We missed all our practice matches and 2 of our qualifications at kettering due the code not permaenatly loading to the robot. Because we were hit so much our gyro got outta whack all the time and the turret was at least 1/4 turn off. during our 1st elim at kettering our DS fried and two PWM’s got switched so the turret couldn’t move… need I go on this was a rough year for the robot, very few mwchanical problems though:)

In qualification match 57 (about 1:45 into the video, you can see our fan stop spinning), I knocked our competition port loose right as we were getting ready to score. The connector had tape on it to indicate that it was for station number 3 (why I will never know). Anyways the tape prevented us from screwing in the connector, so a little jiggle here, and my hand coming down on the cord knocked it loose. We had to wait what seamed like forever for the DS to restart, then right as it started we took off. I think we scored some, but mostly didn’t at the end.