A silly question...

Hi there,

I am in charge of programming for my lovely rookie team this year and we are using LabView…I have learned a lot…but one thing I have never learned and cannot find is…how do you tell the robot which slot/port on the power distribution board it should use?

I know it is silly to ask as it should be obvious…but yeah :frowning:

The power distribution board really has nothing to do with that. But the digital sidecar has outputs like PWM1 PWM2 etc.

Is that what you mean?

Yes…I have yet to master technical terms

In your robot project navigate to the Begin VI. You’ll see it has that Open 2 motors VI with constants (in blue) attached to it that say PWM 1 and PWM 2. Well When you add another VI that opens motors or something else you need to create one of those constants. So just right click on the node connecting to the motor you want to label and go to Create>> Constant.

The programmers of Team 2679 were nice enough to make a few videos in Hebrew explaining the basics of LabVIEW. Here’s the first one: