A simulator for teaching how drive trains work.

I made an online drive train simulator: http://vanjac.github.io/sketches/mecanum/

It lets you drive around a Mecanum, tank drive, or omni-wheel robot. It’s designed for teaching how Mecanum/Omni drives are able to move, and how to program them. Specifically, for Mecanum drives, the simulator shows the force vectors for each wheel and the combined movement as a sum of those forces.

If you’re interested in the code, it’s on github here: https://github.com/vanjac/vanjac.github.io/tree/master/sketches/mecanum

It’s written in processing. For the web browser version it uses processing.js.

Instructions are on the page. If it’s too large or blurry you might have to zoom out.
Click the graphics area to capture keyboard input.

This is awesome! We will definitely be using this to help teach the different drive train concepts :smiley:

very cool great job. thank you

Flipping sweet. My students just did drive train training tonight. Looks like they’ll be doing a refresher next meeting.

Terrific effort, very helpful, thank you.

Very nice! We are actually going through the process of training the rookies on the team and this would be a useful thing to show them. [strike]One thing that would be cool add to is for like omni and mecanum, being able to control each motor on the robot, so people get an understand of using all 4 motors together to do something, but that is just a minor thing.[/strike] Better than I could ever do!

*EDIT- I just realized I was looking at it wrong, sorry. I thought there was only 1-4 for motors.

This is really cool! Great job.

Excellent! We’ll definitely be using this in our drive systems training!

Awesome work! I will definitely forward this to my team! :cool:

Amazing learning tool ! Thanks for sharing

Dude, nice. Thanks! This is simple but really lets you get the concept. Great for drivers! 5/7 would reccommend cx:D

I’ve moved the page from my personal site to a team site - it’s now at Seamonsters-2605.github.io/sketches/mecanum
The old page should redirect to the new one