A Small Favor for a Big Cause

Im working on putting together a presentation to help with sponsorship and overall support of FIRST. Im looking for students who have had the chance to meet people through FIRST, judges, or speakers…anyone who you likely wouldnt have had contanct with without FIRST. A president of a company, or dean, or even someone who just influenced you such as a mentor. Or stories from mentors who have been influenced by someone they met at a competiton or any of the students they have worked with. It cant be short or long, and you can post it or email it to me at [email protected]. It would be much appreciated and would do a lot for the cause.

An examlpe is a guy on our team who has memories of spending time with Dave Brown at KSC, one of the astronauts that died at on the Columbia.

Thank you all, and hope he hear from you

I have met Dean Kamen although I didn’t get to talk to him much. I met the CEO of Microchip Technologies and talked to him al little. I met a guy from the TV show Monster Garage (hot air baloon episode) and talked to him quite a bit. He is a very cool guy. He was at the AZ regional. I don’t really have much of a story for anyone.

Oh, except I did meet the head sales rep for Segway. That was incredible. There was this demo thing I heard about from being on the SCRRF mailing list and I went to it and met all the Segway people from Manchester and rode one for like 20 minutes. They were really thrilled that I was from a FIRST team as they had never met anyone who was before.

i’m not sure exactly what you’re looking for, but i have met with multiple state reps and house members, a bunch of us went before the PA house of reps and recieved an award for winning nats 2 years ago. i’ve met dean kamen on numerous occasions, in washington dc at ‘science day’ or something, where 4 of us presented lil’ moe in front of a large group of important people, i can find out if you need to know who was there. lil’ moe actually spent the night in the office of a house member. dean kamen did presentations there. there was one other team there with us, i feel crappy cause i can’t remember who it was, but it was a great experience to say the least.

this ain’t too clear, and unfortunately i don’t remember the details, it was 2 years ago. but i did remember it was the nasa knights there with us (122)



Well all of the Ford teams met Gerhart Schimdt the Vice president of ford.

Thank you all so much, this is exactly the kind of stuff I need! If anyone else can think of someone who stood out it would be a great help

In 2000, most of the NASA teams (well, I know my team got to meet him) got to meet Dan Goldin who was Director of NASA at the time.