A Small Rant about Games

@topace103 Nobody here is suggesting that we remove the games thread (as far as I can tell), just suggesting that we by default hide these threads to encourage those coming here for robotics related discussion. There will always be places for FRC related fun (see: the FRC subreddits), but a lot of people come here for helpful discussion, which can be muddied up when the top threads are always games. Users would still have the option to un-mute or view these threads, but it would keep the forum neater, especially for new users who are trying to wade through a mess of games to reach helpful discussion.


Anyway I’m done with this thread. I gave my thoughts about it and nothing is coming of this.

I’m entirely willing to chalk that up to Discourse’s format encouraging smaller, faster posts over longer, deeper ones. It’s one reason why I’ve disliked the move since day 1:

However, it’s a move that forum administration have decided to stick with, so I can’t see the forum moving in a more technical direction in the foreseeable future - after all, the forum architecture itself promotes fluff.

This is kind of extreme. There have always been games on Chief Delphi. I don’t see any harm in them in and of themselves, as they can help to give CD a sense of community to people who might otherwise never visit. While I do, again, understand the want for a technical focus, I would again place the blame not on the games, but on Discourse as a platform.

As the “creator” of FRC Mafia as it exists today, I can confirm that we have yet to run two games at one time, and so there have not, in fact, been multiple game threads at the same time.

That being said, being given our own category, like #other:fantasy-first has, would help people to differentiate between it and low-effort counting games and the like.

I agree with others that making the games categories muted by default would be a good solution to this issue, but again, I point to Discourse preferring this kind of content over long and meaningful discussions.

While, again, I am entirely with you on providing a technical focus, I don’t know how many people find the games to be “degrading” for an internet forum, and that number would probably drop to zero if they were muted by default.

I do wish to state again that migrating to another forum software is probably the best way to work towards keeping the technical focus of Chief Delphi.


I think what Garrett was meaning is that he’d prefer if the game ran all of it’s sessions/games in one thread, instead of making new threads for each game, that way someone could mute all of “FRC Mafia” just by muting one thread instead of a category. I think that being given your own subcategory like Fantasy FIRST would be another good solution.

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For anybody wondering, I just checked and it does appear that Discourse supports muting categories for new users by default, which will prevent them from showing up in New or Latest.

Thus, I propose we:

  1. Create a new category, #other:forum-mafia
  2. Mute the following categories by default:

Considering games are generally several hundred to several thousand posts long, last several weeks, each is hosted by different people, each has different players, and each has a different setup, I cannot envision that working at all.

Plus, we’d still need a separate post for things like choosing who will be our representative in the Mafia Championships.

This is why I think a subcategory would be best. Plus, we could sticky this there, as it has a lot of Mafia-specific info:


I don’t think the problem is that they see the games but rather that’s all they see when they come to Chief. Because of this I don’t think that automatically muting all the games is a good idea but rather moderating which games stay and which games don’t. I think having a system where we mute all the games like moderator counting and 1 to 10,000 which aren’t really creative at all. In order to see if some other game ideas would be good we could have it so that weekly we vote on 1 game to start (or if there’s no good game ideas just not have another game) and at the end of the week we vote to keep it or to lock it up. We can have like a maximum of 5 games at a time so if we vote to keep a game when there’s 5 already we lock one of them up.


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Thank you, Discourse.

Bumping because this is a good discussion to have, don’t want the system shutting it down.


Thank you for promoting this after it for shut for a bit, I didn’t expect this thread to blow up like it did, especially with champs happening right now. I really do agree that this is a good discussion to have since the switch to discourse.

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Is there a way to not have it automatically close threads because it kinda kills any discussion there is because some people decide to flag stuff.

One of Discourse’s strengths is that it’s pretty customizable - even if the developers don’t like a feature and refuse to code it in, there’s generally an add-on that will do it (or you can write one yourself).

I know I said that I wouldn’t post to this thread anymore. However, I think I may have a solution to this which will help both parties involved. How about instead of the current system we have all the main categories on the home page (you know, FIRST, Technical, Other, etc.) and from there you can select a minor category(Games/Trivia, General Forum, CAD, etc.) to browse depending upon your interests at the time. The rest of the site would remain unchanged. I believe that this would fix the problem without getting rid of any of topics. Ok, I will get out of this thread now since you all probably don’t want me here, which is understandable.


Oh and one more thing. If any of my previous posts caused anyone trouble, I am deeply sorry. That was never my intention and I take back any thing offensive that I might have said.


vBulletin didn’t track that as far as I know, so it will be tough to compare. I’ll still share some reports from Discourse to see trends/stats since we moved in January. (Once I’m back on a laptop in a bit… mobile won’t be pretty)

As far as hiding categories, we did do that in vBulletin but didn’t bring that along to Discourse. What are people’s thoughts on it? I could see pros/cons either way.

  • Hide Chit-Chat and other off topic categories by default
  • Let the new users decide to hide (or not)

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I put my vote on letting new users decide, but I would like to point out that this does not mean keeping things as they are. I think that as a part of the “new user tutorial” (idk what that looks like or if it exists), users should be shown how to disable topics like these.

Things are kinda a mess, and it ought to be cleaned up a little.


As some users have said earlier, the games were a good way for me to learn the ropes and get the hang of things. They can get a bit annoying but that’s what I use the mute function for.


I think it’d be better to add a sticky/tutorial bit informing users that games are off by default, and telling them how to enable them.


I think either way we need to clean up the games category. I would rather clean it up and let new users decide because for something like mafia I don’t want it to become the same 15 people in every game because that would just become boring and I think everybody should try playing forum mafia at least once because it’s a great experience.