a small request: autocad icon

could an AutoCAD user take a screenshot of a folder open in Windows Explorer, with some AutoCAD files in it, and send it to me…

I just need to get an AutoCAD icon (16x16) for the white papers section.


I can do it when I get home this evening. If no one else has done it first. Here at the bird factory we use UG or CATIA.

Does it matter which version??? If not then I can just send you a pic of the desktop icon. Should be large enough, also compressable.

OK well I have a picture for you of the icon(s) for AutoCAD.

IF you need something better let me know. The next time I check this thread will be after 4:30 EST so someone else might be able to help you between then and now but if not let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

Here it is:

autocad chief delphi-brandon.bmp (134 KB)

autocad chief delphi-brandon.bmp (134 KB)

Here is a better one: