A small signature request...

Hey, can I make a small request?

I notice that alot of people are putting their awards / accomplishments / results in their signatures, which is fine … but some signatures are getting 15->20 lines long.

Some signatures are longer than 2-3x the actual post. You don’t even have to remove any text to shrink them… just make the text that is there a tad smaller. Here are some examples of good SMALL signatures…

Joel J.

Notice, they have as much as alot of large signatures, but they take up noticably less space.

Just a personal request…
Thanks :slight_smile:

hey, is this better? and by the way, anyone who hasn’t read the title page of brandons webpage should…its hillarious

Oh, and I turned on the vbCode in signatures.
Please don’t put anything to huge, obnoxious, obscene, etc in your sig :slight_smile:


Thanks for turning on the signature thing…

When you first started using this forum style i was like “Cool, you can have pictures in your sig. and then you couldnt :)”

But now hopefully people dont abuse the privilege.

One request from a 56k user, Could ya please keep the file size down too (along with dimensions) so it doesnt take “long” to load. :slight_smile:

can’t you just turn off signatures in your profile if you don’t want to display them all the time?