A source for double strand sprokets..

I am working on a drive train proto, which requires a double strand sprocket on the gearbox. What i wanted to know if anyone knew where i can find one that is finished (bored, keyed). I also need the double strand sprocket for two 35 chains, not 35-2 chain. I have tried looking online everywhere, but i could only find sites for Linn and martin, but they don’t sell them directly. I could only find double strand sprockets for 35-2 chain on mcmaster, and it was not keyed.
Any help would greatly be appreciated from team #8

–Danny Fukuba

You should be able to get it as a special order from a Martin or Tsubaki reseller. It’s usually listed as a “double single” sprocket. Alternatively, it’s not hard to make something broadly equivalent, given a few machine tools.

Edit: I looked at Tsubaki’s catalogue, and found this, which suggests that they only have double single sprockets in #40 and above. And similarly, in Martin’s catalogue of stock sprockets, the double single appears to come in #40 and above only.

I have tried making my own by welding one sprocket on to another, one with a hub and one that does not have a hub. It will work, but with all the time and effort i am putting into this thing i would like it to be a bit nicer.
–Daniel Fukuba

Is there any reason why you don’t use two separate sprockets? We did that last year on the gearbox that was driving 2 wheels via independent chains. We did have the hubs turned down on a lathe just a wee bit to save weight. We got the sprockets at Graingers pretty cheap, since one mentor had an account there. I think the small drive sprockets were about $7 each, made by Tsubaki IIRC.

For three years now my team has used two single sprockets on one shaft with no problems and it was much easier than welding two together as you suggested. Either put the two the hubs face to face, or put a spacer inbetween.

Perhaps one of their “DSR HUBS FOR DOUBLE-SINGLE” “ready sprockets” would be the solution?