A Story and a Question

Question first
Are vex starter kits programmable?


I was explaining to my dad what i would do with a vex kit if I bought one, which is probably as they are cheaper, and I was saying. Well first, I’ll probably make a robto that turns on my computer. And he said You’re going to spend 70 bucks (i’m buying with a friend) on something that turns on your computer? And i realized the fundamental truth of FIRST… In the long run, the end result doens’t matter. What does matter is the process. In twenty years, who cares if this years robot is able to shoot a 7 inch ball through the goal (in frc), but the fact that I helped build it, I helped make it work is what really matters.

Yes and no. You need to get the Programming Kit to be able to program a VEX kit. Out of the box, no way.