A Student Is...

What do you like to see in fellow students.
In the same vein as the “A Mentor Is…” thread let’s rewrite and add to these.

A Student…

  1. Is self-motivated.
  2. Finishes a job he or she takes on and does not just lose interest and walk away.
  3. Makes sure their sub-group has what it needs to do the job without them when they cannot make a meeting.
  4. Looks for the next task when they are done.
  5. Is willing to help out in any way possible.
  6. Teaches what they know and seeks to learn more.
  7. Starts discussions with mentors (professionals and more experienced students).
  8. Samples every job area technical and organizational then gravitates to what they like best.
  9. Develops his or her own role within the team.
  10. Is positive, upbeat and a general joy to be around.
  11. Takes on tasks that no one else steps up to.
  12. Invents tasks that no one else has thought to do.
  13. As a beginner, learns the names of tools and parts by fetching and handing them to another worker.
  14. Latches onto an experienced student and learns by observing, waiting patiently by a worker’s shoulder supplying a third hand.
  15. Is there when the work needs them.
  16. If there isn’t immediate work to be done, learns the robot systems on older robots.
  17. Asks when they need advice or a hand.
  18. Leaves socializing for the end of the day.
  19. Becomes involved with the FIRST community-at-large through the Team forums at www.chiefdelphi.com.

20.A future mentor
21.Someone who likes will do grunt work no one else will do

  1. A high school attendee
  1. A FIRSTer is a role model, who is not only representing himself/herself, but also the team, and most importantly FIRST. (mainly for the PRs)
  1. … recognizes the value of teamwork and is a team player
  1. is willing to look any form of adversity straight in the eye

I was tempted to say #26, Usually a person with hair. However, that’s a bit silly.
For a serious #26, 26. If they see a potential problem, speaks up no matter how inexperienced.

27: … willing to learn no matter how experienced they are.
28: … one who doesn’t value people by what they know, but rather by how they use what they know.
29: … family.

  1. learns and later role models how to appreciate and understand that mistakes and failures can lead to innovative opportunities and successes.

(Mark, are you going to have one on shop rules?)

  1. honest about mistakes.

the other end of #14 “Latches onto an experienced student and learns by observing, waiting patiently by a worker’s shoulder supplying a third hand.”

… Latches on to an inexperienced student and draws that student into the conversation and activity, giving them an opportuntiy to learn by observing and trying new things.

  1. anyone who learns anything, anywhere at any age!
  1. Not afraid to fail, and knows how to learn from failure.

34: “A pre-college team member” :wink:

  1. One who eats at least three slices of pizza any time there is free pizza somewhere around.

  2. One who has no voice left over after three days of a robotics competition.

That’s good training for being an engineer too.
Free food attracts us like flies. It’s the one sure way to get us to meetings.

  1. Someone who is able to teach themselves but, isn’t afraid to ask for help.
  1. …very patient with their teammates and willing to teach them in any way they can.
  1. …a person who gets a discount at the movie theaters.

A person who works at the movie theater and gets his or her parents in for free!