A team last etempt to submit a vote

If anyone who can cast a vote for us reads this please do. Our team never received a email from first and we don’t know who to contact. So if someone important reads this please help us. Our team is leaving tonight however to go to St. Louis regional.

so if anyone can cast a vote for team 1625 we cast our vote to team 537 for the St. Louis regional.

-team 1625

actually, you need to give every team a score, regardless of whether you want them to win or not. voting is via point system, not just a “pick your favorite” thing. sorry i can’t help, but i thought i’d let you know that. see if you can download and vote via a laptop when you get to your hotel later.

best luck.

You should try contacting Kelly Stanphill; she is the person on the Autodesk side who handled voting problems during the Pacific Northwest Regional. Her e-mail address is kelly.stanphill@autodesk.com, and it is also posted on Streamline. About half of the animation teams there did not submit scores by the deadline, which could have made the Regional judging invalid.

Thanks everyone i got it all fixed :smiley:

Please delete this post. It is not needed anymore